Are guests allowed in Suite Escape?

Yes. Membership includes two guest passes. Additional guest passes may be purchased for $10/day. Guests are limited to two visits a month. If you have a guest who needs to use the space more than two times a month a Suite Escape membership is encouraged. All guests must sign in at the front desk upon arrival.


Will I have access to a copier/printer/scanner?

Yes. You will have access to Suite Escape printer/scanner/copier. A Bluetooth connection will be required to print from your electronic device.


Am I able to talk on the phone in Suite Escape?

Yes. If you need to take a call please use headphones, a normal voice, and be mindful of your volume. If the caller has a hard time hearing you please feel free to step into the hallway to complete your call.


What safety precautions are you taking during COVID-19?

We are taking great care to enforce social distancing, masking, and extra cleanings within our space. For additional information about Covid-19 protocols please click HERE.


What are the age qualifications to be a member?

You must be at least 21 years old to be a member of Suite Escape. If you are under twenty-one and would like to visit Suite Escape you may do so as the guest of any member.


Am I able to join if I am not local to Lake Forest?

Yes. Suite Escape aims to bring together women from both the North Shore and Chicago communities and beyond. Non-local members will have full access to the member portal and its resources as well as all Suite Escape digital events.


Is Suite Escape interested in partnering with both local/and or women-owned companies?

YES! Suite Escape loves to support business, both local and national. If you are interested in a partnership, sponsorship, or event collaboration please send an email to [email protected]


Am I allowed to host a paid workshop out of Suite Escape?

Suite Escape is happy to co-host any event or workshop that is in line with our mission and values. To host an event out of Suite Escape please email [email protected]


Am I able to rent Suite Escape for photo shoots?

Yes! Our big bright windows and overhead lighting allow for lots of beautiful natural lighting. Please refer to the event rentals section for additional information on how to book.